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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Daumenkino "Rotkäppchen"Daumenkino "Rotkäppchen"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "Little Red Riding Hood"
Sale price €4,50
In stock, 955 units
Daumenkino "Froschkönig"Daumenkino "Froschkönig"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "Frog King"
Sale price €4,50
In stock, 956 units
Daumenkino "Viel Glück"Daumenkino "Viel Glück"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "Good Luck"
Sale price €4,50
In stock, 921 units
Daumenkino "Gute Besserung"Flipbook "Get Well Soon"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "Get Well Soon"
Sale price €4,50
In stock, 987 units
Daumenkino "Metamorphose"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "Metamorphosis"
Sale price €4,50
In stock, 964 units
Daumenkino "Alles Gute"Daumenkino "Alles Gute"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "All the best"
Sale price €4,50
In stock, 933 units
Flipbook "Good Luck"Flipbook "Good Luck"
Bärenpresse Flipbook "Good Luck"
Sale price €1,80
In stock, 675 units

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Craft tips from Bärenpresse

After all these years of tinkering, we have some tricks and tricks
find out that can make your handicraft life easier. On this
page we reveal some of them.