Moving Model Kit

You'll need no glue and no tools to assemble this new-of-a-kind wooden moving model kits because they are crafted extremly precise.

The designs come from the british star of the international automata-scene Keith Newstead and the well-known german inventor of paper-machines Walter Ruffler.

  • wooden toy kit
  • helps teach mechanical principles
  • requires no glue and tools to assemble
  • easy picture instructions

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Product no.: KEIW13010


This wooden moving automata, designed by Keith Newstead is about the legendary Icarus.
Icarus top desire was to be able to fly like the birds. And when he finally was flying, he flew to high so the sun melted the wax holding his feathers which results in his crash.
Whether glue nor tools are needed for assembling this kit. Everything holds in place because of the precise manufacturing of the parts.
Put it together, turn the crank and watch Icarus' flight around the sun.

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